John K Griffin, author of Creation and the Flood author image

John lives in suburban Washington, D.C. with his wife and four children. He is passionate about living for the kingdom of God. Recently he has striven to engage on faith and science issues, to remove stumbling blocks for unbelievers and to bring comfort to Christians who struggle to reconcile Scripture with modern science. John loves spending time with his wife and energetic kids, watching NBA basketball, and being involved in church community.

An expert researcher and talented scholar, John spent his undergraduate years at Colby College and the London School of Economics, earning prestigious academic awards at each. He went on to get an MBA from the Wharton School and spent over a decade in research jobs in the financial services industry, including two separate stints on Wall St. After the Great Financial Crisis, John engineered a career switch, obtaining a PhD in Economics from Fordham University and publishing part of his dissertation in a respected journal. During this time John settled into federal government employ. He is currently a financial specialist with the Economic Litigation team at the US Department of Justice, working primarily on Antitrust enforcement.

The origin of John’s writing career was a faith crisis that struck in 2018. After struggling, and ultimately succeeding, in understanding pieces of early Genesis in light of modern scientific knowledge, he decided to write the book he wished he had found during his journey. This culminated in Creation and the Flood: A Journey of Scripture, Science and Faith. He is currently working on a second book exploring the scientific evidence for evolution.