About the Book

As a scientifically minded Christian, what are you supposed to do with the Genesis 1 creation account and with Noah’s flood? The Bible is the authoritative Word of God. And yet a literal interpretation of early Genesis insists upon an earth that is 6,000 years old and a flood that covered the whole planet in water six miles deep! Where do you turn when a host of trusted pastors and church leaders teach six-day creation and a global flood?

Seeking answers to difficult questions, let’s dive head-first into Scripture. We’ll arm ourselves with a solid understanding of the cultural and historical context of the ancient Near East, drawing on the work of the best scholars in the field. Then we’ll uncover what these passages meant to the original audience and identify the durable lessons for us today.

Through the journey, you’ll gain a fuller appreciation for the richness and depth of God’s Word, grow in confidence that Scripture and science are not in conflict, and foster a closer relationship with the Lord.

Christian author, researcher, and world-class scholar John K. Griffin, Ph.D., leads readers through his own challenges, and ultimate success, in navigating these sections of early Genesis. Creation and the Flood: A Journey of Scripture, Science, and Faith is a personal guide for anyone in search of a biblically grounded alternative to Young Earth Creationism. Come along for the ride, and start your own journey today.

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