My Recent Sermon on Doubt

The Problem of Doubt

Sermon at Wonder Church International

September 13, 2020

Progress on Second Book

I have a provisional title for my second book: The Problem of Doubt. And now that the NBA is (almost) over, I’ll have more time to work on it in the evenings. The research and writing are going well so far.

Here’s the gist. Doubt—when a believer worries ‘What if I am wrong about this Christianity thing?’ or feels that they are not 100% sure about the central tenets of the faith—is a problem. It doesn’t happen to all of us, but a lot of Christians have struggled or do struggle with it. It is a taboo subject, not talked about much in church circles. That needs to change. The book, set against the backdrop of my own experience, explores the causes of doubt, what the Bible says and teaches about it, and how we can overcome doubt in a way that leads to stronger and more vibrant faith. I was surprised by how many of our biblical heroes experienced doubt, and by how much grace the Lord provides to His children who are hurting in this manner. I aim to keep it a short book, maybe 100 to 120 pages. As of now I have a (very) rough draft of 50 to 60 pages.

I also gave a sermon on this topic, a couple of weeks ago. I think it went very well. You can access a recording on Facebook pages and on this website.