Hello Friends! Hope this letter finds you well.

Sorry for being out of touch for a couple of months. Lots has been going on.

First of all, my YouTube channel just launched. You can find me at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqotSdoC6TXhJpsj7q6ybSg

It’s quite exciting. I just have one video public right now, but I have 6 more ready to go, just waiting to release. I want to be able to keep to a consistent release schedule and not be rushing to produce stuff, so I’d like a buffer/inventory of about 5 videos. I figure I’ll release 3 videos a month, on the 1st, the 10th, and the 20th.

What will the videos be about? There are three buckets. The first is videos based upon the material in my books. For example I’ve started a series on Genesis 1. My first video, just released, is the first episode in that series, and I have Episodes 2 and 3 ready to go. The second bucket is evolution. I have a video on Whale Fossils in the hopper. The third bucket is miscellaneous interesting stuff. I have a video on what Jesus was doing on the cross ready to release in time for Good Friday, I have a bible study on the question of whether there are modern day apostles, and a video describing my evening at a healing service at a Charismatic conference. The videos range from 8 to 22 minutes in length. Eventually I’d like to do interviews, but for right now these are just talking head/blog videos.

If you think you’ll be interested in the content, consider subscribing.

This will be a marathon, not a sprint. I expect that I will get very little traction for like 2 years, as I build my library, improve my skills, and give the YouTube algorithm the confidence to recommend my videos. Eventually, I hope to catch fire a bit and gain momentum.

Talking about skills, there is a lot involved in this. Frankly, there are some important skills that I’m not good at right now. But I’ve already noticed tiny improvements from video to video, so I expect to get better over time.

Next up is my second book, Overcoming Doubt. That is moving forward, albeit slowly. My copyeditor has finished her work, and now I am going through the edits and making changes. This includes some rewriting, so it is a slow process.

Otherwise, things are good. I’m in an interesting place currently, theologically. I’ve got one foot in the conservative evangelical world and mindset, and the other foot in the Charismatic world and mindset. I’m figuring out which pieces of which I think are right. Is the office of Apostle for today? What about the doctrine of Once Saved Always Saved? And so forth. Faith and I are blessed to both be working and healthy in these COVID times. Pray that all of you are safe and managing well through this difficult period.

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