Creation and the Flood was released about a month ago, and got off to a good start. A big bunch of you whom I have been in contact with bought it. Thank you all so much. If you could write a review on Amazon and Goodreads it would be greatly appreciated. The next step is to start advertising, so I can expand my reach beyond my personal network. I aim to begin that soon, probably starting with advertising on Amazon (ads that pop up when you enter a particular search term), and then maybe on Facebook…although I need to learn more about if and how Facebook ads can be targeted.

Another way to expand my reach is to do podcasts and things of that sort. Well, I also had my first podcast recording a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think it has been produced yet, I’ll keep you posted. At the time, as I was doing it, it seemed like there were some high and low points. It’s harder than it looks! I’m hoping to get more opportunities in the future.

Also in the category of ‘expanding my reach,’ later this month I have an article coming out in God and Nature Magazine. This is an online, free publication, run by the American Scientific Affiliation. You can find it via the site, by going to the Publications tab. The magazine explores science and faith issues. The American Scientific Affiliation is an organization of scientists (including social scientists like myself) who are Christians and have an interest in science and faith issues. Anyway, the article is about my journey, and is a thank you to scientists and bible scholars of faith who helped me in that journey. I’ll drop a Facebook post to alert you when it is published. I’m looking forward to it.

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